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By Mikeleza
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Hi all!

It is good to be back after a couple of years break from the website! I missed reading all these discussions.
I'm aware this may be easy for some but I wanted to ask everybody if we could name all of these faces. I think it would interesting to put a name to some of the lesser known legends of this music for people wanting to further their studies. I certainly wish I could put a name to all of them off the top of my head!

(Please note, there are 8 musicians in the picture and you need to slide to the right to see all.)

Of course everyone knows that the third one on the top is Eddie Murphy but what about the rest? ;)

By Djembe04
Fadouba Oulare, Famoudou Konate, Mamady Keita, Arafan Toure, soungalo coulibaly, Koungbanan Conde, Noumody Keita.... One missing :(
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By Mikeleza
Great Thanks The Kid and Djembe04.... but isn't the order back to front at the end there with Koungbanan Conde and Noumody Keita, shouldn't Koungbabanan be second last?
By davidognomo
I like this game.
How about these faces:
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By davidognomo
three more:
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some are better known than others. This is a nice game for us to get to know some djembefolas
By davidognomo
the kid wrote:Last one is Kemoko Sano, the krin legend.


I'm wandering. why do you say he's the krin legend? I'm searching and searching and all I find is his history as the legendary (indeed) choreographer of Les Ballets Africains, le Ballet Djoliba and founder of Les Merveilles de Guiné.
He's referred also as a percussionist and in fact as being from the Macenta region, where the krin is a very important instrument. But I'm curious on what are your references to refer to him as "the krin legend" besides that video.

Thanks in advance. I'd be much interessed in knowing about this matter.
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By the kid
The krin legend title i made for him.

I don't have any actual info on him but seems to have had some mastery and knowledge on the Krin, which nobody else has demonstrated.

He is also playing Krin in l'Heritage by Ballet Africaine.
By davidognomo
the kid wrote: He is also playing Krin in l'Heritage by Ballet Africaine.

oh, nice. I'll check out the clips available on utube. I'm really curious on Kemoko Sano being one of the most important persons on the ballets' history.