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By davidognomo
hi alan

I really love this clip. I love Faceli Kourouma's playing in it.
I think this might be some kind of konkoba rapide. That djembe accomp is used for konkoba. I've never seen it for any other rhythm, I think. But this is me guessing. I mean, the sangban does six strokes all equal in time, three open and three closed, that makes a cycle of six. So I'm guessing som kind of konkoba.
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By gr3vans
that sangban pattern was showed to me as kalan, which is not the same as other kalan that go around (re MK). kenkeni was trying for the same spot (but never quite hit it) as I have learned it and really enjoy playing.

both sangban and kenkeni bells are totally straight.
|o.o.o.x.x.x.o.o.o.x.x.x.| <- sangban
|oo.oo.oo.oo.oo.oo.oo.oo.| <-kenkeni (this plays directly against your t.ss.t which is really)

dunnunba has a lot of variation, but generally stays in the pocket as in that vid.

Outside of cultural relevance (which i'm fuzzy on) it's a pretty sweet grove and is a lot of fun to play, IF** and only if it's tight. it can get messy fast though.

btw, that looks like Bolokada's house.