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By Djembe04
Hi everyone, their is some confusion about the rhythm named ''Kassa''.
I know Kassa is a family of rhythms, like dununba, but Kassa is (a single) rhythm also. Are there any other names for this rhythm kassa? I've seen someone who plays N'Donasso, is this the same?
Thank you!
By Djembe04
So there is a big chance, it's the same rhythm?
(Probably such as Soliba, where the name of a/the song is balakulanya)
By Djembe04
A quote from another post, here on djembefola.com:
This rhythm is called Kassa Ladon (also Donaso after the song it's famous for). The rhythm is played at the end of a Kassa as the workers are returning from the fields.
I know a rhythm called ''Kassa Ladon'', but I don't see any similarities.