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By alanbuchanan
A few months back I heard this rhythm and it was so groovy it's stuck in my head since, but I have no idea what it is.

I made a mockup of it, the best I could from memory: https://clyp.it/t4ebj0zk
In the recording I heard, it started with the call I put in, and the tempo I started it at in the mockup. It had that sangba fill every few bars, and sped up to roughly the tempo in the clip (but obviously the first section, before speeding up, was much longer). I don't know if the bells are right, and I couldn't hear any kenkeni part.

I don't know who might have played it on the recording I heard. I have absolutely no information about it, I heard it on my teacher's minidisc player (he doesn't know what it is either!)
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By djembefeeling
yes, definitely Kakilambe. It's the version of Africa Djole, played with only one dundun and the call in the beginning is just the same. listen to this album:
Africa Djole.jpg
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