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By Dugafola
michi wrote: It has all the cultural info about the rhythm, usually a few relevant images (such as a picture of a Dibon for Dibon ;) ), and the notation. That's precisely to help those people who get it more via the visual path than the auditory path.
Just curious as to what species of bird do you use for your picture of dibon...

/thread hijack
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By michi
Dugafola wrote:Just curious as to what species of bird do you use for your picture of dibon.
A Dibon is the Northern Ground Hornbill (Bucorvus abyssinicus):
Northern Ground Hornbill
399px-Bucorvus_abyssinicus_-San_Diego_Zoo-8.jpg (81.91 KiB) Viewed 1770 times

By bkidd
Cool, I've always wondered what specific species Dibon referred to. Thanks! -Brian
By EvanP
That is one very funky looking bird that definitely deserves its own rhythm! (hijacking continued)
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By Mikeleza
The concept of the one is comparable to what key the music is in.
It is a reference point. Not everyone hears the music resolve on the same chord but there is an undeniable feeling in every human that recognises this resolution in his/her own way.
By iamkatia
Afoba wrote:hello.
I've written an article concerning this thread's subject: http://djembefola.com/blog/articles/the ... ndun-music
I have taken some of the questions of the first postings. This might not be the final version. I might do some little corrections during the next few months or even years (definitions, links, explenations).
I'm sorry for the delay, I started some weeks ago, but after some "break", I only finished it last Saturday. I hope you like it!
best, Daniel
Would love to read this, Daniel, but it no longer appears to be available.

Re-post, pls? Thanks!
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By Waraba
One grows weary.
By Kaitaro
Kia Ora

I find understanding "one" is very helpful as an anchor. Just like Clave, it is grounding especially if you are learning new rhythm. After I am comfortable and understand the rhythm, I do not even think about "where is one?" But I do think for beginners, it is helpful tool.