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By michi
Here are two clips that show these mini-djembes being played.

This one is an excerpt from the DVD "Jubilee!" by Les Ballet Africains.

This one is from the DVD "Music From Guinea" by Yves Billon and Robert Minangoy.

Unfortunately, the video and sounds are severely out of sync in this video, but you still get the idea :)


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By Djembe-nerd
My teacher and Fara Tolno in the above video both do one thing commonly. They lift their smallest finger a little higher when striking so they are practically drumming with 3 fingers only.

I see the point as I have banged the smallest finger many times in the wood and now I have projections at the first joint and this is painful sometimes. I put a tape near it so the joint is not in direct touch with the drum, but I will try and work with 3 fingers only, the volume is not affected that much, I tried a few times.

Sorry, for the off subject, but any one has any suggestions.
By bubudi
if anyone wants to buy one of those planibala (five headed drums), koungbanan conde played one during the percussions de guinee 2000-2004 tours. that very piece is on sale here
By lorenzoabu
hy everybody

in this video I play a set of multiple djembes
it's composed by a djembe two special djembes (designed by my self) and a dununbà
I also play tamà in the first part

the group is a duo with me and carla on pentatonic balafon

the exhibition was tle last final at PercFest, Iternational contest for creative percussion
in Laigueglia Italy

we won the contest

I hope the video could be interesting for the discussion

sorry for my bad english

lorenzo abu gasperoni

By Paul
Good stuff man, do you tune your drums to a note...
I am trying to tune some small cow skin djembe and boogerabous.. I think E..C..A is fairly common for congas and perfect for a standard pentatonic scale.. but its not so easy to get the djembes to a note..