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By James
On Mamady Keita's Wassolon, Soli lent is like Balakulanya with the Dundun and Sangban swapped....

Is that the difference or is there one? Josh? Anyone?

Personally I prefer the dundun on Wassolon.

Also, I've heard some great songs for Balakulanya in Africa, but don't know the words. I'm particularly interested in the ones that begin:

"Balakulnya... dengo way...." or something like that....
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By Dugafola
i've been taught that it's all the same. it is played both ways and the songs are all interchangeable.

bolokada even has his own version/variation from Sankaran too...
By bubudi
yea balakulanya is the name of the song as far as i've been taught. played in weddings too. soli lent is the name of the rhythm (or fura as it's known in mali).

balakulanya denkolide
aya yeye so dina
iba kemata yenkole denkolide
kemata ye so dina

lead: water bird, when will I have a child of my own?
chorus: there is no way you can buy it
By bubudi
soliba and soli lent are the same thing. however, there are variations such as the one from sankaran that dugafola was referring to.
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By Carl
Based on what I've learned from Mamady and Famoudou, there are actually many subtle differences in the rhythms, especially if you consider the djembe parts. I am particularly fond of the djembe accompaniment to soli with it's displaced slap.

I find that the similarities in the dununs are interesting to demonstrate when teaching, however when all of the small differences are added together there is quite a difference. Particularly, I think that I improvise differently in the two tunes.

They are both used in the same situations, but I wonder what the reasons would be to use one over the other? I would imagine that the song being sung would be the deciding factor, but I haven't heard that they are actually "interchangeable".

By bubudi
you will see lots of regional variations to the same rhythms. soliba is no exception. you can see a lot of these variations between different teachers. compare, for example, the way famoudou and mamady teach certain rhythms, for example, sofa, soliba and mamaya.
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By bops
bubudi wrote:soliba and soli lent are the same thing. however, there are variations such as the one from sankaran that dugafola was referring to.
I know a much different rhythm called Soliba, from Kouroussa. Different rhythm entirely, not a variation. I've never learned the Soliba you're referring to.

However, I have learned Kitasoli from Abdoul Doumbia, which resembles Mamady's "soli lent".
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By Dennis103
From Mamady Keita's book A life for the Djembe: "The balakulandjan is the name of the song that is sung with this rhythm. The rhythm itself belongs to the family of Soli rhythms and has the same meaning. The voices are a little different from those of the Soli, espcially the dunun".

Upon inspection in the book, p. 47 and p.50, the combination of sangban and doundounba will sound farily similar indeed.
By Djembe04
Some time ago this topic was active.
Now I see the name 'Moribayassa', I have a question.
If you are playing dunun ballet-style, Are moribayassa and balakulanya (Soli lent / Soliba) the same?