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Abondan Misinterpreted

Posted: Wed Nov 27, 2019 10:21 pm
by Mikeleza
Hi All,
It’s been a while but I thought this subject worthy of further investigation.

Recently I had the pleasure of witnessing and playing with an awesome Ivory Coast dancer who is living in Adelaide. We played Abondan with him and of course I was interested as to how it differed from the Djoliba Ballet version which mamady Keita famously had notated by some people along the way.
Instantly I could recognise they were the same rhythm but something was amiss!
Upon further analysis, I noticed the theme that was in both rhythms were in different places of the count. The Djoliba version which I was used to has the call starting on one and the response starting directly after 1 but in the new version I learnt, the call started just after 3 with the same theme as the Djoliba version!
So the last few weeks during class as we’ve been playing for the dancers I’ve been experimenting with mixing the Djoliba version as though it was notated starting from 3 as opposed to 1 so that it fits with this new version I learnt with Jean-Marc (Ivory Coast).
It was all just a hunch I was going on until this morning when I watched a clip of Mamady playing abondan with Djoliba and low and behold I see him play the call starting from 3! So now my theory has been confirmed in my mind that this rhythm has been notated “incorrectly” with the 3 confused for the 1.
Any one else noticed this before? Anyone else can shed light on the subject?
It’s cool because it makes the Abondan rhythm even more interesting and I always thought it was an interesting rhythm in the first place.
Love M

Re: Abondan Misinterpreted

Posted: Mon Dec 02, 2019 9:08 pm
by Dugafola

check out the the abondan recorded by thomas guei and tra bi lizie ....they sound nothing like mamady's. the one that mamady recorded is kind of interesting music wise but not sure how far it strays from the root music.