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By the kid
Aka Moon and Black Machine are playing this friday in the Kilkenny Art festival. Well worth checking out. From what i can gather Aka Moon are a jazz trio and the Black Machine are a band or choir of Griots led by the legendary Baba Sissoko from Mali, expert of the Tama talking drum and Akonting banjo. Altogether there will be 13 musicians so should be great.

Heres the link ... t&value=25

Heres the Line up of musicians

Fabrizio Cassol – alto saxophone
Michel Hatzigeorgiou – bass
Stephane Galland – drums
Baba Sissoko – percussion
Baba Sissoko Tama, Ngoni, Soku et voix
Djime Sissoko Tama, Ngoni, calebasse, choeur
Yacouba Sissoko Tama, Ngoni, calebasse, choeur
Makan Cissoko Tama, guitare éléctrique, choeur
Bazoumana Sissoko Tama, Ngoni, calebasse
Diatourou Sissoko Tama, calebasse, choeur
Adama Kouyate Tama, calebasse, choeur
Abdoulaye Dit Baba Sissoko Tama, calebasse, choeur
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By the kid
James ya can't or in two places at once. unless your an electron

Nice to see Baba sissoko in action. Its always a treat. One one side was black machine(baba and 5 talking drums) and on the other all super miked up was aka moon(bass, sax, drums).
I felt the crowd was there too see the africans in action but alas most tunes had in your face sax solo. I found that frustrating. At times the talkin drums weren't so audible especially Babas. It was a shame. good concert all the same but should have been better. A straight up malian music jam would have been way better.

Got a baba cd there which i didn't like at first as there is more feckin sax but after a lot of listens i really like it. i have to flick it to track 6 to begin but from then on its well good. I think they call this music jazz.