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By Dugafola
my favorite arrangement of bundiani with all the dunun language. it absolutely crushes.

it also doesn't get any better than daouda K on the 'ba!!!

there's a lot of audio of these sessions out there as well.
By davidognomo
so, do you know when and by whom were these sessions made?

where famoudou and noumoudy playing together at Les Ballets Africains at the time?
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By archetypo
I was curious about this myself, so I asked my friend Lillian Friedberg if she recognized the recording, since she was in Germany and studying with Famoudou at the time.

According to Lilli, this was probably recorded in 87 - it was likely one of the sessions recorded for the 'infamous rotekassette', featuring Noumoudy, Famoudou and Mamady (who was still going by Kargus then), made by Rainer (dorrer?), which was sold at workshops to raise money for the original compound in SImbaya.
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By Dugafola
great stuff.

there is plenty of footage and recordings floating around with all these guys including koumbagna, lancei kante, papa sano and djume camara.