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By Malinois
I am thinking of getting a Yamaha W24 to record the lessons I have with my teachers. Does anyone have any experience of this recorder?

By djembeweaver
Nope, but I have been using a Zoom for the last few years and it is totally awesome. I totally rate it...very easy to use, fantastic quality mics and loads of cool functions (e.g multi-track recording etc)

By Malinois
That's the other one I am looking at Jon. But i can get a W24 for £100 but many pro music shops sell at nearer £200 It seems to have lots more features than the H2.

By EvanP
I've got a Sony MC-10 and love it. Other folks I play with use either a Zoom or Edirol. I've also heard good things about the Olympus. I tried the Tascam and did not like it at all (lots of distortion). Here's a comparison Michi posted a while back. Unfortunately the Yamaha's not in the mix.
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By michi
A few overriding factors when it comes to picking a recorder for capturing classes and the odd performance:

- Battery life. It sucks running out during a workshop.

- Ease of use. It sucks when you realise afterwards that you didn't activate the recording correctly or recorded an hour of silence at perfect quality.

- Microphones must be able to handle the very high sound pressure.

Forget about everything else. The quality of these things is by far good enough to record classes and jog your memory, no matter what model. And you will never make a high-quality recording with the kind of acoustics you find in a classroom or the field.

By Malinois
thanks for the reply. As I am a visual learner I was also thinking of getting something that can record video such as the Zoom Q2 or Q3 or the Tascam DR-V1 HD.

Looking at Michi's review the Tascam DR-2 came second. The Tascam DR-V1 HD contains the same Mic setup as the DR-2 according to Tascams site.