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By tabebuia
Hello!!!! we need to know wich wireless microphone is the best to make a show with 3 djembes (not so expensive becouse we live in argentina) .
We have 350 dolars to buy each mic. Thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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By Rhythmtree
Michi, can you recomenda quality affordable wireless systems for each of those mics? It seems like the Audio technica mics 4pin system is proprietary and will only be compatible with their own wireless units which seem to be pretty expensive. I could be wrong on that. I was looking at this AKG system which as far as I can tell is compatible with the AKG mic listed above http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B005SU ... d_i=507846
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By michi
I don't have first-hand experience with that AKG system. However, I would expect it to work OK from the reviews. (And AKG are a company with a good reputation.) The plug should be compatible. (Even if it isn't, it probably wouldn't be hard to make an adapter or change the plug.)