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By wonderwebb
Hmmm haven't really got enough money for a zoom at the moment .Has any one had any success with an Iphone ? I have used the video and sound was ok but when I used the voice memo I got lots of distortion. Have any of you found any good apps for recording audio on iPhone .
Cheers wonderwebb
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By Rhythm House Drums
I've got an HTC Incredible, and found a good app for it. I put a few pieces of tape over the mic until they come out with a software decibel pad. Those things are good for recording voice, but drums have too high of an SPL for most phones.

There is an external mic you can get for the ipone. I had a mic for an ipod that worked really well, recorded in stereo and the playback was audible.
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By Rhythm House Drums
I've played around with an iPhone now, and have bought a cable that lets me connect an XLR mic. I recently recorded a workshop with Bolokada Conde and used a SM57 (probably not the best mic, but I one I had) connect to the iPhone. I used an app called FiRe. I was really happy with the sound. The mic was behind us (the students) and was pointed directly at Bolokada. Maybe 15 drummers in a smallish room and no distortion on the recording. When he solos it comes through the mix clear because the SM57 is very directional. It's not an exciting recording.. but everything is very clear for reference. I'm curious to try this set up with different mics until I find something that works in a group setting like this... My guess is an overhead condenser.