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Hi there,

When I first got my djembe and also my bala from Guinea, my aim was to use them both along with my guitars and acoustic bass and various other percussion instruments and hand drums to produce music that was influenced by different styles of African music.

On the guitar side, I love Zimbabwean guitar music but I also like music from West Africa too, (partly from listening to some good examples posted on this site).

I have posted this example mainly because it came out sounding more eastern, almost with an Indian sound. This happened as an accident when I was just jamming away one evening and playing around with the Boss recorder. Anyway, the attached piece of music was the result and features a classical guitar, a bouzouki, my djembe, some Indian drum I have had lying around which I tightened up to use,(it is double sided), my bala, a tambourine and a cabassa. Oh, there might be some acoustic bass on there, can't remember...

I called it "Induafrici" because it sounded like a mix of the two countries.

(The bala is still very background because I don't know it that well just yet).

Be interesting to hear what ya'll think.


Cheers, Gordon. :dance: