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By shorty
my djembe rolledo ut of my car seat and the head went clunk on the cement a few times

no pop

but there is some slight abbrasion in two places on the rim edge

it doesnt hurt to play so i think it is fine

no damage to shell

but it was so depressing

and everyone kept saying

get a case

get a case

get a case

so these scratches on the skin on the rim edge

how bad are they?

will they mess up my hands?

are they that bad?

jsut wondering

i play a lot and it doesnt seem to mess with my hands

is there a good place for cases online?
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By Dugafola
yes get a case. drumskulls has some on sale. their new model shells have a hard top. also, my friend Kojo is working on his new bag. see my attachment below. they are almost ready from what he keeps telling me.

regarding the scratches on the rim. i would sand them down and get all the chunky stuff off. then i would use a blade and scrap the skin a little to get some 'dust.' put some really thin super glue on the scary spots and combine with the dust. flatten it with the side of the blade. use some fine sand paper to gently file down the clomp of glue.

if damaged area is your sweet spot on the spine, then i'd maybe consider doing a full layer of super glue on the skin over bearing edge and then maybe put a layer of electrical tape over that.
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By bops
That looks like a pretty sweet bag, no doubt. But if you don't have $200 to drop on a case, I'd recommend the TKL model. They're the best available for the price. I found mine online for about $75.

One important note regarding TKL bags: they run extremely large. If you think you need a 14" bag, get the 12". Whatever you do, don't buy the largest, or even second-largest, option. These are huge, and won't fit your drum very well.
By bubudi
this guy kojo knows what he's doing. reinforced curved & padded backpack straps that are sewn away from the waist. good padding on every surface. metal hardware. durable bottom (hopefully stable as well). 2 large side pockets for easy reach while on your back.
i agree with bops that a snug fit is better for a drum case.

duga, do these have hard tops? three zip system?

bops, thanks for the tip on the tkl bags. those seem pretty sweet. do you have a link for where to get them for $75? do you know how the tkl bags compare to the drumskull ones?
By bubudi
shorty, if the abrasions on the drum head are just above the bearing edge, i'd get some electrical tape and wind it around the rim. you can get this in several different colours so you can make it match your rope 8) if you don't want it to affect the sound, don't go past the inside of the bearing edge. if you want to make the sound a little drier, you can go an extra 2mm and it'll get rid of some excess overtones. i wouldn't bother with the superglue unless you have a fairly deep cut in the skin. if you have rough raised bits and they're past where your tape will cover, i would carefully sand them down a bit.
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By bops
Looks like these guys have them. I guess they're not easy to find... btw this site posts the actual dimensions of the interior of the case, and not the official dimensions listed on all the other sites.

A buddy of mine has a DSD case, and while it's a really slick case, I prefer the TKL bag. More padding, hard top, heavy-duty hardware and stitching, flap over the zipper, etc.

Here are the cons of the TKL bag:

-Shoulder strap that unzips to become backpack straps isn't perfect.
-Pockets are too small to hold sticks or sese.
-It's ugly.

Other than that, it's really well designed and has help up really really well for me. It even has a "foot flap" on the bottom. You can flip this out, and step on it while you pull your drum out so you aren't wrestling with the bag. Even though I don't use it, I thought it was a good idea.
By bubudi
thanks, bops. looks like a great bag, although not as aesthetic as the skulls bags. how padded are the backpack straps? that could be a factor for those who intend to travel a bit with their drums on their backs.
By kana
I hope your joking...right? :uglynerd: Unless you want high shipping, messed up orders, and bad customer service! :shock: I wouldn't recommend ANYTHING from African Rhythm Traders! :(
By johnc
i am joking but on the other hand RT sent me two books that arrived in good time and at normal USA to Australia rates.


every other usa company that I have delt with for an online postage sale always seem to include a small extra like a book mark or some such thing. RT may have included a sticker which in ozz would have been quite a collectable. Small and insignificant maybe, but perhaps a seed issue for a store who has suffered some bad press on this site.

give a little get a lot!
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By Dugafola
i have 3 different generations of DSD bags and they've all improved over the other. the latest and greatest has a hard top. i've been telling them for a while that they need metal hardware.

i also have the 2nd gen RT pro bag. this is a great bag and looks great. it's modeled over the famous Tony Lagrutta bags. the bag has more padding then most others i've seen. my only gripe with this bag is, like others, the connection points for the shoulder straps to the bag itself need to be reinforced. i took it to a luggage repair store to have it re-stitched already.

the hard top isn't that big of a deal to me because i use a padded drum lid that has a fiberglass insert in it. these are definitely used when i'm flying.

and can use the tape like bubbs recommended, but i'd still hit any scuffed areas with super glue.
By shorty
the other day a girl said to use some kind of epoxy putty and sand it down and not super glue!!

she said the glue would melt if i had the drum next to a fire

but i dont know why it would be next to a fire

she said it was to do something to the skin!