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By Tatsdrum
Is this Mold in my Djembe?
It looks like this all around the inside.
I touched it and it feels powdery.

The Djembe is over 25 years old and was recently given to me a month ago. That's when I noticed the white residue.

It has always been kept in a zip up case and has rarely been used.

Is this mold?
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By dleufer
It's hard to tell from the picture, it could just be dust. Either way, I have had trouble with mould on my drums and eventually I had to disassemble and wash several of them with an anti-mould solution. I really scrubbed them with a brush. This made the surface of the wood quite unsmooth, so then I re-sanded them and re-oiled them (make sure you don't use karite butter, in a cold country like Ireland it turns solid in winter and seeps back out of the wood as a solid and can go mouldy). I used standard bolied linseed oil. I haven't had any problems since.