Advice and questions on keeping your instruments in top form
By aghis
When there are 2 or 3 djembe playing together, do they have to be tuned differently? If yes, how?
Is it dunun depended? Which is the right pitch? There are no guidelines anywhere about djembe pitches. Searching for Congas i found some D G A tunings suggested by pofessional players. I cant get my djembe to sound clear over the bell and dununs, even if i slap like a maniac. I have heard some other djembes that sound crystal clear when they solo over 8 or 10 other instruments.
By djembeweaver
Much more to do with technique than tuning I'm afraid. That crystal clear sound you refer to is acheived by pulling out just the higher partials (around an actave) and that takes years and years of practice.

Give a djembe fola your drum and listen to the result.

That said it is nice to have some parts played on lower tuned djembes, but there there are no rules regarding relative pitches.
By aghis
In fact a djembefola has made my djembe, but i dont know if he could do that over my set of dununs. I heard him playing with his djembe with their own dununs and kpanlogos. When i play with no other instruments it sounds clear. If you want i can give you a sample, just a small enough to tell me if i get the actave or not.