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By drtom
Crispy wrote:And yes, there is a ring ledge.
Thanks for chiming in Crispy. You get an A+ on the quiz.

Obviously, as the owner and possessor of this drum, you're the ultimate authority. Case closed.
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By djembefeeling
The ledge can be seen on the photo. So the company is Kambala. I've got another one of those for repair this week. So Dr., Dr., give me the news: what did I win for solving the quiz?
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By drtom
djembefeeling wrote:what did I win for solving the quiz?
Crispy got an A+ for his brilliant work.

Considering you had no inside information, I'd say you deserve the A+ :clap: AND a GOLD STAR! :dundun:

Seriously, that was a good call. The ledge pretty much gives it away, though I insist it wasn't obvious (maybe it's my old, beater laptop and/or my old, beater eyesight), but you also recognized the wood. You also weren't mislead by the general shape of the shell (what can be seen of it), which from my experience doesn't coincide with most IC djembes (again, from what can be seen of it). The chipping pattern could easily have been taken for drums from The Gambia.

A+ with TWO GOLD STARS! :clap: :dundun: :clap: :dundun: :clap: :dundun: :clap: