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By michi
tom the pom wrote:They are second to none. His day job is as a marine auto trimmer, kitting out boats. All his materials are industrial strength.
Thanks for that link! They look pretty damn solid to me. I'd have to see one in the flesh to decide whether I like it. Not sure I'm too fond of the bright shiny colors, but that's just a personal thing.

I'll be checking those out first chance I get! Unfortunately, he's a loong way from where I live…


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By Dugafola
wula has a new a bag they are releasing this weekend supposedly.
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By michi
Dugafola wrote:wula has a new a bag they are releasing this weekend supposedly.
Interesting, thanks for the heads-up!

It's not on their website yet. Looking forward to seeing that bag. I'm sure it'll be good if it's been designed by the guys at Wula!

By treecritter
I'm still quite new to Djembe but love this site and the many helpful hints I've already put to good use. I was having a serious problem finding a drum bag that would fit my Guinea drum that has a rubber foot on the bottom which is 11.5 inches (30cm). While at Paralounge event I tried the ENO bag and was delighted that it fit nice and snug and purchased it directly from goatskins/Shorty. I can't speak to how well it will hold up yet but it sure looks to be very well made with durability in mind. I am betting that it would take up to 12" diameter foot without much of a problem. It sure seems to be a very good value for the price.

On another thread I saw that someone recommended putting a shopping bag on the drum foot to help the rubber part slide in more easily. Awesome hint!! My drum now slides downs without a hint of resistance...... thanks for that tip.
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By Trog
I almost always carry which ever drum I'm going to use in a 30" junior size hockey bag with a dollar store mat in the bottom. I don't need to worry about the zipper because my drums have head covers and rubber feet. The bags are weather resistant and nobody knows what you are carrying.
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By Wula Drum
Hey everyone -- we have the specifications and photos of our new bags on the website now. Check them out! Two models, field tested in New York City, made in the USA!

You can see the measurements of the base-interior and determine if your drum will fit. ... 5262831011

Many thanks and keep up the good work!

--Wula Drum

PS: we like this bear: :bearhug: :bearhug: :bearhug:
By softshape
I recently posted to Etsy a djembe bag designed by myself. I tried to find a bag for my Senegalese djembe that would -

1) fit to size. I owned really good DrumSeeker bag, but Senegals are hard to fit to standard djembe bags so I had to use the bag of larger size. That's a headache.

2) allow to carry djembe on plane. I saw nice and expensive drums that were cracked after luggage trip. Too bad.

3) allow to carry kessings, shakers, strapes, chimes etc.

4) look professional.

That mission turned impossible, so I just designed an ultimate djembe bag and made it, with my wife's help. Then our djembe teachers and students started to ask me if he/she can order such a bag, so now my wife accepts the orders. Take a look - ... djembe-bag

Hope you like it!

By shortypalmer
I really like the bag that Michi posted about, That is an ENO bag, made by eagles nest outfitters. we also have a guy that custom makes bags for us. does a great job. He calls them gloves. that is how they fit.