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By sebaT
Olla, I am looking for a better djembe bag, one to replace the one I have now, made by Stagg (not so hard to top that quality) :lol: ....

was wondering, does anyone have any experience with this model, it`s price is top for what i can pay these days... ... PRO-GIGBAG ...

I don`t have much experience with djembe bags, so any amount of money that i give for a bag that is not so good is just too much... especially because of the shipping costs to my country, plus taxes etc. etc..... just too complicated if i get the wrong deal :doh:
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By Djembe-nerd
What djembe do you have, how much does it weigh
By sebaT
I have a top model from Mali, and it is on the heavier side, never weighed it, but i guess it has approx. 10 kg, give or tak 1-2 kg,
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By Djembe-nerd
If it is 10 kg, I suggest you only look at stronger and proven bags like the one from DSD, It will keep you for a long time.

Don't forget to check the sizes of the head and bottom.
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By michi
Djembe-nerd wrote:If it is 10 kg, I suggest you only look at stronger and proven bags like the one from DSD, It will keep you for a long time.
I second that. If you have a heavy drum, better save up some more and buy a bag that will last instead of ending up with a cheaper one that will fall to bits 18 months down the track.

The Drumskull bags are truly nice quality. I have three of them that have been dragged around a lot, including on many flights and drum camps all over the place. I do see some wear on them now, but it's all superficial. Basically, I can tell that the bags have been used seriously, but they are as solid and sturdy now as they were on day one.

I would buy another one without hesitation (but expect that I won't have to because the ones I have now may well outlive me).

By sebaT
It is 11 kg heavy... tested :)

I saw those from DSD, and they look really really great, the problem is that with shipping and taxes it will cost as much as half of what i make in a month, even more than my djembe!! I`ll have to wait to get rich playing, before i can afford one of them :))))

I need something halfway for a start, and the one from x8drums at least looks ok, and isn`t too expensive, does anybody have any experience with that one?? .... any others similar to that??
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By Djembe-nerd
I would not suggest buying the X8 or any other similar bag.

Make one at home from thick cloth and put some padding inside.
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By rachelnguyen
Hi Seba,

My teacher has had some quality issues with the larger sized TKL bags, but I have had one for about 4 years now and it is holding up well. It is a very good price, too. For me, the best thing about it is that it has a handle on the top, which makes hoisting the drums around very easy. I really like that little detail.

On my teacher's case, the stitching has come undone where the backpack straps attach. For me, it would be worth getting the case and taking it to a tailor to have those seams reinforced because in all other respects is a good bag. I have taken it on airplanes with no problems.

Here's a link: ... embe_1.htm

My bag is the dj312, which is plenty big for a 13.5" head. My teacher has the dj314 which is probably as big as you would need. It can accomodate a 15 or 16" head, I think.

The drummers lounge is a nice place to deal with. Great customer service.

Good luck!
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By michi
The 314 model is gigantic. Almost everything, except the largest drums, will fit into the 312. The problem with the 314 is that it is so large that most djembes that won't fit into the 312 end up rattling around inside the 314. (There really should be a 313 model, but there isn't; the step up from the 312 to the 314 is too large.)

I've had problems in the past with the TKL bags separating at the seam where different cloth colors are joined with tape.

Also, the grommets for the drawstring will tear out pretty quickly. (There is no backing or reinforcement for them, at least not on the two bags I bought.) My recommendation would be to ignore the drawstring and not use it.
TKL bag weak points
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Finally, the handle on the top is a nice touch, but I'm not convinced that it is such a good idea, because it puts the full weight of the drum on the zipper. It's a good quality sturdy zipper, but I would expect it to wear out over time from the strain. When I pick up the bag when it is standing on the floor, I usually grab one of the two webbing straps at the front, or pick it up by the shoulder straps, rather than using the handle on top of the lid.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to suggest that this is a bad bag. I still have one of them, and it is still holding up. However, in terms of quality of materials, workmanship, and amount of padding, it can't compete with the Drumskull bags. I expect that the TKL bag will wear out much sooner.

The TKL bag is considerably cheaper though, and it would be my second choice if on a tight budget.

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By Djembe-nerd
There is another alternative to TKL, the eagle outfitters djembe bag.

Shorty carries it, its $ 139, i have this one too, seems to be well made but haven't used it outside much so cannot yet comment on the life and sturdiness.

direct link and info ... -case.html
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By michi
That bag is very similar in style to the TKL one. The front panel with the curved stripe is identical. But, overall, the bag looks a lot better to me, especially the carry straps, which are proper backpack-style ones, instead of the flimsy ones on the TKL bag. So, in terms of features and quality, this looks better than the TKL bag to me.

Nerd, can you comment on what the point of the triangular flap is that sits on top of the lid? I've always wondered what that is meant for…
Strange flap on top
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By rachelnguyen
Maybe it is to keep your head dry in the rain, LOL.

I agree with Michi that this bag looks a lot better, and is still a good price point. I would certainly consider one of these for my next bag. If anyone has one, can you comment on it's durability?
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By Djembe-nerd
I don't remember it having any use, but I will check and let know, right now traveling outside town.
By sebaT
So.... thank you for your advice.... in the end i took my old (stagg) 30 USD djembe bag and gave it to a tailor for furniture, he is going to stuff it with 2,5cm sponge from all sides, top and bottom, reinforce the old stitchings, put rubber on the bottom, and make it stronger all around, not the cheapest solution, but if it works out anything like it is in my head it should be great :)

By tom the pom
I've bought a ton of custom bags from Delman at

They are second to none. His day job is as a marine auto trimmer, kitting out boats. All his materials are industrial strength.

Scroll down the page until you see a bag with 2 x 14" surdos. That's mine. Made to measure and built for a 100 years.

I'm sure he would post out of Australia if you asked. He's a good bloke.

Cheers, Tom the Pom.