Advice and questions on keeping your instruments in top form
By Talula
Hi all,

I'm very new to djembe, and although I've been lucky enough to play with ensembles at Uni, I've never owned my own drum (until yesterday!) and have no experience in caring for it, or breaking a new one in etc..

Any tips? Should I oil the wood with coconut oil? I'm in the process of making a padded bag for it, and in the meantime am storing it away from direct sunlight or heat with towels over the head. I've noticed that the skin has a number of scars and when I hold the drum up to the light, they're all substantially thinner than the rest of the skin (particularly the largest scar, right in the middle of the head!)

Should I be worried about this? Is there anything I can do to reinforce the scar areas, or should I just play my drum as usual and deal with any problems as they arise?

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By Dugafola
just deal with it. sometimes scar tissue will be stronger. if it pops, no biggie. you'll then have the opportunity to select the next skin and inspect it so it's free from defects.

a bag will help protect your drum from the elements.

oil your shell b/w skins if it looks dry.

other than than that, play it as much as possible!!