Advice and questions on keeping your instruments in top form
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By michi
Interesting video, thanks for that!

It certainly makes quite a large difference. Although, I'm afraid that no amount of tinkering will ever make a Remo sound like a traditional djembe.

By Ned Lyons
My earlier post is a fairly good solution. The 1" glide used for furmiture
will help overtones- but all artifical drums will not be as warm
as wood. Tuning reduction and durability can often outweigh this.
bottom of head 1"-2 " in- work well.
By mwalker
One thing I have done to tame a ringy drum was to thumbtack a tiny tuft of nylon stuffing (like in a stuffed toy) inside right where the bowl joins the tube. Too much will really deaden your drum, a little bit, or really little bit ( it's surprising how little it takes) should tame things. Good luck.