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By michi
No argument that a hard-shell case is better protection.

Apart from that one hard-shell case that someone posted a pic of (can't find it again now), I'm not aware of any hard-shell cases made specifically for djembes.

But I don't think it would be hard to make one. Go to a pipe supplier and get a piece of PVC pipe with the right inner diameter to fit your drum (leave some room for padding). You usually can buy PVC end caps for these pipes too. Get two of them for the bottom and top. Then two sturdy luggage straps and a little bit of drilling, and you have a virtually indestructible case, most likely for well under $100.


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By Djembe-nerd
One is from Hume & Berg , and the other from Hardcase, UK both priced OK, H&B is for $129 , and hard case from 100 euros to higher depending on size, comes from 10" to 18".

The description on hardcase 14" is :

Cases available for 10" to 18" diameter Djembes plus 10" to 16" diameter Doumbeks.
Full foam protection for the drum-head and base.
Complete with towing handle and wheels.

Model No: HNDJ14
Description: 14" Djembe
Diameter A: 535mm
Diameter B: 476mm (18")
Depth: 641mm (25.2")

If your djembe is taller then you will have to go to 16", which is 20.9" dia and 26.7" height
HB hard case.jpg
HB hard case.jpg (141.9KiB)Viewed 5828 times
hard case djembe.jpg
hard case djembe.jpg (33.95KiB)Viewed 5828 times
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By e2c
I'm thinking that the 1st one would be a good investment *if* it works for any of my drums. IIRC, someone here had a problem with fit? (or am i imagining that? It's been a long time since i last looked at the thread in question.)
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By Djembe-nerd
Here is a link to the H & B hard case demo

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By michi
BirdlandMusic.NET sell it for $129.00. If the interior dimensions happen to work for your djembe, this look like a good option.

A call to the shop or Humes & Berg would probable get you the exact interior dimensions. (I can't find any online, other than "will accommodate up to 15" djembe". But that says nothing about the diameter of the foot--a djembe with foot that is flared more than usual might not fit.)


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By Djembe-nerd
If somone gets the dimensions post it here. Last time I tried when I was trying to compare the 2 posted above, the H&B dimensions could not be verified.

Also important is to check the middle dia around the throat, which will be more in the Guniea djembes than the Mali and Ivory Coast. One of my bags fits both but doesn;t fit Guniea one. Of course base is important, cos most of these bags/cases are made for the remo etc which is different from the base of an african djembes, but you knew that already :-)
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By Rhythm House Drums
I wouldn't trust much of what Humes & Burg says right now. I've been dealing with them for a while with they're other djembe cases... Right now I'm not selling any because a 14" case will be from 16" to 14.5" and the base will be from 9-11" depending on which batch the cases came from. For the past 6 months they've been telling me they are working on something more consistent, and something that will fit real djembes better. Their current bags are 14" which most will fit a 16" remo, which means too much room for a 14" djembe... except the base is made for a remo I belive, so it's hard to fit in most djembes. Then they have the 12" bag which will hold a 12" diameter drum, but I cannot even fit one of my ashikos in that thing. The neck/base will barely allow for a 5" diameter drum bottom...

OK... that's my rant for H&B. If they ever get their stuff straight, they'll have some nice bags at a nice price... But right now I wouldn't trust 'em.

I like Michi's idea of the pipe case... Seems like that will do just as good as any other hard case.
By bubudi
i reckon the hard case from hardcase.com seems to be a better case. it has all the bells and whistles of the h&b plus a good amount of padding on the inside for a safer, snugger fit. it also seems to be able to take any shape of djembe. and it stores your drum the right way up, which many people seem to care about either for practical or spiritual reasons. one reason is that people would rather not have to detune the drum as much as they would need to do to store it upside down (especially in a long international flight).
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By Djembe-nerd
I am in the process of getting the hard case 14" form UK. They dont sell in the US. Its 66 pounds.

Asking a friend to bring it for me when she comes.
By snargle
Way cool, Rachel! It doesn't look like it has much padding...do you feel it does an adequate job for everyday use?
rachelnguyen wrote:Hey all,

Here's a pic of my mudcloth bag from Mali. Tell me this isn't awesome!
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By rachelnguyen
Hi Larry,

True enough that this bag is for very light use only. It does have some padding. (Some mudcloth bags don't have any at all.) Since I have two drums, it is nice to have a lighter bag that doesn't take up so much real estate in my house. And it is much better looking than any TKL bag, LOL. I think it is fine for bringing a drum in the car... but not for something like air travel.

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By Dugafola
should part or all of this thread be renamed? i think only the first page on this thread pertains to the original topic.
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By Gothenburg
The newest DSD bag for $239 is an little bit wider in the bottom and more thicker in the pad than the one for $196.00 . This is the only bag which is fitting my djembe with a bottom diameter of more than 11 and 1/2 inch. So I was happy to find a good quality bag, enough broad for my "big" djembe. Now there is not a possibility to but it anymore from DSD(if you look in the homepage 100326)....so i´m glad that I bought one from them earlier iof the limited editions..
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