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By Waraba
Loveablesurfer wrote:. I'd just like to learn more about the traditional way of playing it.
The slap has to sound beautiful. You will know it when you get it. Keep playing with your hand in the tone position and relax. Everything everyone says and does has some truth to it. The slap is a perfect balance of them all (though perfect does not mean equal degrees of). Keep elbows relaxed at sides, shoulders down, hand and forearm level with each other, relax, look up, not down at drum. Make small adjustments in response to sound. Pay attention to sensations from within your fingers and palm. Play slow. When sound is lost microadjust. Feel it in your upper pectorals nowhere else.
By Ned Lyons
Thank you for your input. Please tell me YOUR suggestion for the best Djembe available to purchase.
I owned LPs best congas and appreciate good quality.
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By Waraba