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By e2c
Excellent summary.

One point that hasn't been touched on - wear hearing protection! Even Mamady does that nowadays. (I've seen videos where the earplugs he wears are clearly visible.)

I need to go check my own set of plugs - which are the same brand as Mamady's, really quite cheap (about 12.00 USD) and post an ordering link.
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By Rhythm House Drums
Thanks for all the suggestions. Workshop with Fode' was great.... ignored the wrist. :) We played Yamama. First time I had heard it. I don't find much on the rhythm history. He told us it was played once a year to banish evil spirits. Can anyone expand on that? Very cool rhythm, but I was finding it difficult on the doundounba. I got it fine until I started listening to the djembe. Anyone have a notation of the parts for that rhythm? (also trying to find notation for lecule (sp)). As far as my wrist.. I've never done exercises or warm-up / cool downs.. but I hear a lot of people talking about doing it.... I think now it's time I start. Thanks e2c for posting that link!