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Is this the first post of the year in this forum?

Hi everybody. Been away for a long time. Just re-headed a drum I've had in the closet for about five years since the last skin broke. Been getting in touch with the local drum & dane classes. First thing I noticed is I CAN NOT PLAY DJEMBE!

I've re-headed half a dozen drums. I used to play dununs with some local artists connected to the university ethnomusicology program. I learned some accompaniments on the djembe, bought a beautiful djembe from the lead djembefola (Amo Soumah) and thought I had a pretty good start in this west African percussion thing. Trouble is, I had no fundamentals on djembe technique. Today, after doing a dry pull on this new rehead I realized that I couldn't tell my tones apart from my slaps, AT ALL. Every time I hit the drum, except for bass, it sounded the same and not very good.

So I stumbled across djembeweaver's youtube video on an exercise for tones (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UwT6m-p-qCo) Worked like a freakin' charm.

Now my tones sound like TONES! Low, solid, and tight. Well okay, there's still lots of room for improvement, but at least I can tell them apart from just taking a generic swipe at the drum skin!

The very humbling thing about this is that all the accompaniments I thought I knew, I do now know. I can play them at speed and I can get the timing right, but with no distinction between tone and slap, what is the point? Now I have to learn them slowly again, from the beginning.

So I'm back into it, feeling very stoked that this re-head went well, and can't wait to practice more.