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By Garvin
Onilu.BR wrote:Ok. But always alternating hands right? The double stroke technique used on drum set players to make rolls aren't used on djembes!?
Hey Onilu! It's important not to think about rudiments like double strokes or paradiddles when playing djembe. Really the only "rudiment" that I think translates are flams. I know some contemporary congueros use rudiments, but djembe is pretty much "straight-sticking".

This is a great forum for asking questions, and I think that while a real teacher would always be preferred, there is no shortage of well produced instructional material these days, as well as some really great stuff on youtube.
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By Waraba
michi wrote:
Waraba wrote:Consider downloading one of the tasumakan videos. gives a taste without major spending.
Good advice, that!

Why, thank you.