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By michi
mountain wrote:
djembeweaver wrote:I've been obsessed with this for about a year.
I just got obsessed with it. :)
Good! Being mildly obsessive is a decisive advantage if you want to get good at playing djembe :)

By mountain
michi wrote:Good! Being mildly obsessive is a decisive advantage if you want to get good at playing djembe :)

As with everything else. :)
I started out as a kit drummer, age 5, now 52 been playing Jembe around a year alongside a latin percussion rack and Rolland electronic pads I have access to all kinds of sounds even kit where I play the bass drum with my weak left hand. I play all that live as a DJ. As far back as I can remember it has always been a struggle to develop the weak side, including kick’s or double bass drums. Nothing’s changed on the Djembe as far as I can tell. I mean what logical reason can one come up to not have your left and right brain and limbs of equal strength when it comes to playing any drum? I started out by playing rudiments, with the single stroke open roll…RLRLR…that to me is the place to begin any drum, and as the Djembe or drum kit you get different pitches at different locations, nothing’s changed.

I can do all rudiments with sticks on my hands, or feet, but am finding the Jembe/bare hands takes some getting use to coming from a kit background, but the basic principles, rudiments still apply, and all their variations which there are a ton. Yesterday, I was working the double paradiddle trying to hit the first L of RLRLRR LRLRLL with my weak side as the down, rest as ups/rim slaps, since my weak side is struggling to reach center drum and get a consistence bass tone free style(never had that problem on kit), so I work and work it. Then if I want to really hook my brain to my hands I practice some independence playing a constant down beat and reading sheet music to the slap or other percussion instrument up beat. If I want lessons like stick twirls since I do play a non-tradition style and mallets on the Djembe, U_TUBE. I personally don’t want lessons I have had many years of that and can figure it out and rather create my own style. The internet is a great tool, amazing what you can find these days for free.

Also, I noticed by playing the down beat and up beat with both hands frees me up for fills better in some songs. I’ll be working to develop a more equal playing style as I always have, some things never change. 8)