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By Harpua
I got a djembe for christmas when I was probably 15-16. I never really played it much, just noodled a bit, but I have been playing it quite a bit over the last couple months. I have no formal training and would like to hear what you all can say about where I am now. For instance, is the way my hand strikes the drum correct? If not how can I improve? Below is a link to a short video taken just a couple minutes ago. Basically if there are any obvious mistakes I am making I would appreciate you all pointing them out and telling me how to correct them because I dont want my bad technique to turn to bad habits that I will have a hard time fixing later on down the road! Any tips are highly appreciated! Thank you!
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BZ5jM9y4 ... e=youtu.be
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By Waraba
Welcome! Where are you geographically?
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By rachelnguyen
Hey Harpua,

Welcome to the forum. It is great that you have taken a new interest in your drum.

My best advice if you are looking to improve your technique is to find a teacher in your area and take some lessons. In the mean time, check out our video section to see some excellent djembe playing in action. Be careful of 'djembe lessons' on youtube, LOL. Some of them are good... many of them are really bad and not helpful in the least.

Keep on playing!

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By michi
One really good video to start with is Remembering How To Drum. That's a good DVD to get the basics and learn good technique.

Tip: when you play record yourself on video and compare your movements and hand position to Taylor's. Any significant difference is a sure-fire sign that you need to work on things a bit more.

And I second Rachel's suggestion: if at all possible, find a teacher in your area. No DVD can replace lessons with a real teacher.


By Bige610
I live in the chicago land area as well and old town school of music has lessons both group and private. Taylor I believe teaches there as well. Where in the chicagoland area do you live? Love the screen name as well.

By Harpua
I live in Aurora, an hour or so west of Chicago. Thats awesome that they have lessons, I have seen a few concerts there and loved the place. Maybe after spring semester is done I could work in the time to go there!
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By Djembe-nerd
Just a caution,

You are using a lot of wrist action, which might trouble you later if you drum regularly and specially with a real djembe where you need power and speed. Playing djembe should be a balance of fore arm and wrists.

Like everyone said above, find a good teacher in your area and that will make it least complicated :-)