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By musicaldomes
Hi Everyone,

I've been going through the lessons as and when I get time. I seem to get the hang of a rhythm, then go onto another one but when I go back to the first one I've forgotten it.

Can anyone suggest ways of remembering? am I just not playing each one enough before moving onto another? :giggle:

Many thanks,
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By rachelnguyen
Hey Lee,

I think it is slow going in the beginning because you are basically learning a new language. After awhile, you will be able to remember the handing for the rhythms more quickly, but even then, it may take awhile to be able to remember and play how it is supposed to sound.

I record each rhythm and listen to them regularly. At this point, I can play about 50 or 60 different patterns from memory and it is because I practice them all. I have actually typed up a list of songs and go through them all about once a week or so. It helps a LOT.

Another thing that helps is that my teacher will have us playing the same song, with it's solo patterns, for several weeks in a row. Then, when he moves on to a new rhythm, we will still go back to the old one for awhile. It keeps it fresh.

Also, in the beginning, I would write down some notations to remember the handing for a piece. As I grew more experienced, I didn't have to do that anymore, but still use the recordings all the time.

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By Michel
Hi there,

You should realise that it works different for everybody. In my class, you will find people who notate everything, people who are recording things to listen them back later at home, and people who try to remember them just like that. For me what works best is to record and listen over and over, when it's necessary a hundred times (most of the times in my car in the traffic jam which we have a lot in our country) and try to feel and integrate it in your body. Move on it, sing the song, after all it is music!! Good luck