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Wow Jon, what an amazing story!!! You should write a book (or at least a chapter), because your abbreviated version intrigued the hell out of me!!!

Speaking of the police controls and briberies, military checkpoints in Conakry usually had the artists in the car break into song "Soria Soria" which seemed to be a magic password to get through the controls without much hassle.

Artists also seem to be able to get into many events and places for free by just identifying themselves with "Je suis Artiste" .

Everybody kept asking me how my mother was....took me a while to figure out that this only required a simpled "Elle est bien" instead of a detailed explanation. The follow up question was then normally "Et ton pere?". I guess you can keep a conversation going for quite a while by inquiring about your different family members.

Merchandise is normally at least triple the price when there is a "Fote" around. The drummers ended up having me hide in the back and pretend I didn't know them while they negotiated at Medina for me. Still not sure we fooled anybody.

Eeeh Guinea. What an amazing country!!!!