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By nkolisnyk
While I don't aim to start a Djembefola book club, If you're into Wes African drumming, culture, and you like to read, I'd highly recommend this book. It won scads of awards in Canada but may not have made it overseas, or even to the US.

It's starts in a West African village (Bamana) in 1745 and shows a girl's insight into her culture, until the slave trade rips it all apart. The Book of Negroes is a list of American slaves who were sent as British Loyalists to Canada for 'refuge'.

Anyway, a great read. And if you have some opinions on the author's look into West African culture, would be good to hear them too!

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By Michel
I totally agree on this one. In another thread (thoughts on wolosso) I mentioned this book a while ago. It seem to be called "Someone Knows my Name" in the US. I think the word negroe has something to do with that.....