Discuss culture and traditions
By aghis
When i was in Ghana i was lucky enough to see a traditional Ewe funeral. Prospa was the master drummer, chief of the village died and the ceremony was going ta start on Friday until Sunday, non stop. Before starting with the traditional Ewe set, prospa had to speak to the dead people using the talking drums. I am not talking about the Tabala small talking drums, these are huge drums grounded, that can make very different noises. I could hear the names he was playing, but it was so difficult to understand the underlying rhythm. I was not used to this kind of drumming, at first it was like noise to my ears, after a while i understood the same phrase coming back, but it was a very long one. Prospa's eyes where changing, this was going on for 2-3 hours, before the actual ceremony begins. Before the ceremony we drunk appeteshi and the master dancer was trying to do strange things, something like lizard stuff. When i came back to my country i accidentally met with a jazz drummer, i talked to him about that, he told me that i need years to be able to catch up with these kind of drumming. He was right.