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By imhotep06
Greetings Phamily

The issue of this post is in regards to the Wolof language. I am seeking a native Wolof speaker to verify or falsify some information given by Dr. Cheikh Anta Diop in his book Parenté génétique de l'egyptien pharaonique et des langues négro-africaines (1977). Here is a link to view a pdf of the relevant sections: http://www.asarimhotep.com/documentdown ... cerpts.pdf

The issue is with Diop's Wolof verbal forms. Many are doubtful of his analysis and don't believe that the verbal forms of Wolof are as he claims in the book. This is because "they" can't find these forms in the books they have on Wolof (they are not native Wolof speakers). So I wanted to verify with an actual native Wolof speaker (and again, I am assuming you are. I know there are more languages spoken in Senegal) that Diop's work is sound. I am hoping you could review the forms and tell me yes or no if Diop is correct. You don't have to understand the Egyptian. I'm only concerned with the Wolof verb forms and its authenticity. I would really appreciate your help.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to your response.