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Hey all,

Been trying to find resources in regards to West African songs (lyrics, translation, cultural meaning).

Any ideas where to look? It is really hard to work out the words just by listening CDs and I dont want to modify the traditions! I have been using Paul Nas's notations and info but it doesnt cover everything of course.

At the moment I am trying to find a song for Sinte.

Hey Michi,

Any plans to come down to Melbourne? Havent seen you for a while!
All the performance recordings I have for it are percussion only, and none of my teachers has ever mentioned a song for Sinte. Maybe there isn't one?
Thats what I thought too!

Do you know any good websites or books with songs and cultural info? I ve found one book but it is focusing more on Gambia, Sierra Leone, Ghana and Nigeria.

Hi Kosta,

I might come down to Melbourne the next time there is a three- or four-day workshop. For a two-day workshop, it's not worth my while flying down...

Paul Nas's book seems to be one of the more complete references around. There is also Mamady's book of course.

Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a comprehensive source for cultural info on rhythms around...


is it about a chicken needing to watch out for the big bird swooping in?

i dont know what its called, but we were singing that while playing krin a couple of weeks ago. dont have the words although i have part of it memorized. keep forgetting the last little bit:)
Hey guys,

Thanks so much for the info!

Michi I already have Mamady's stuff and Paul Nas's website its like an encyclopaedia!!! Thanks mate! Let me know when you are down!

Bubudi: Thanks so much for that mate! I ll try and find the song and work out the melody and the translation! It is such a beautiful rhythm and if there is a song it makes it even better! :)

Dugafola and FreekAce: Thanks guys for the info!
keep forgetting the last little bit:)

That is always the problem...:)
The story I've been told about sinte is that it comes from the boke region and is played on a very large krin type instrument made out of a whole tree, not just a log. The song is played by a large group of people on the one instrument. As for lyrics, I do not know a song, or if there is one, but that doesn't mean that no one has ever decided to sing something with it. Like everything else the sound has changed a bit as it was translated to instruments to accommodate the ballet.