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By the kid
This is more like it. Traditional Music from Mali
Baba Sissoko and the Tamani Revolution
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By Michel
Great video. I am a great fan of Baba Sissoko. He used to play the tama in Habib Koite's group. Got some of his cd's on which I think the music's great but unfortunately he hasn't got a strong voice... In this project he was so smart to let somebody else sing. It is very much Malian traditional jeli-music, as the tama and the jeli n'goni are real jeli instruments, but a double jeli n'goni??? never seen one before. Also the calebasse player: why does he play on two calebasses? I can't think of a reason, because normally they play the same things that he does on one calebasse. The music is great! Thanks for the clip!

By the kid
Dude i like Babas singing. He was singing away when in ireland and i seen him in Itaky and he really got the crowd goin on both occasions. I like natural voices. Hes got serious character anyways and thats what comes through his voice for me.
They developed the double headed n'goni when rehearsing with aka moon so they could cover more tunings. I don't know if thats a first, maybe?
take it easy.
By the kid
we need more Singing less TV for Real.
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By Michel
I didn't have the chance to see him sing live, so I trust you on that one. How did you get the info on the double n'goni? It is really interesting seeing the musicians staying close to their tradition, but ever developping their instruments. Thanx

Now i'm going to watch tv. Michel
By koreduga
the kid wrote:we need more Singing less TV for Real.
By the kid
Michel wrote:How did you get the info on the double n'goni?
One of the dudes from akamoon was chattin about the project and he mentioned it.

koreduga wrote:tIME TO HAIL IN THE wELSH
welcome back Korejuga
By the kid

Baba with band. Sweet Conga player. Nice flow to this music. Great musicians and well orchestrated by baba.