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By korman
Mansa Camio et An Bada Sofoli - Dununba

Nice CD with original tracks from Baro from 1996. Representative sample of the local setting during festivities. Including five dundunba rhythms, Soro and Tourafoli.

Kon 3:28
Denmoussonikelen 4:22
Bandodjeii 7:11
Dji 7:47
G'bada 5:44
Soro 8:49
Tourafoli 26:01 ... ::824.html

I recently got this CD and I think it is one of the best I've heard so far! For the purpose of listening to learn, I like it even better than "An bada sofoli", because there's no singing and you can clearly hear all dunun and the lead djembe. Also, it was recorded in a festival situation.

There is a sequence of five dundunba rhythms that starts with Dundungbe and ends with Gbada. I would rate it five stars if it wasn't for one thing: instead of letting you hear how the music flows from one rhythm to another, they chose to put gaps between tracks - very annoying!