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By korman
A new Mamady Keita endorsed app has been released for iOS just a few days ago ... 59891?mt=8
It offers a catalogue of rhythms where you can look up notation in the same font as used in the "Life for the Djembe" book. Rhythms can be sorted by the occasion, region, ethnic group or the TTMDA curriculum level. Presented are the rhythms from curriculum levels 1-6 plus a group of dununba rhythms. The notation is free to look at, but playback feature must bought (€6.99 for beginner level, €12.99 intermediate and €6.99 dununba family). A few demo rhythms are available to hear what the playback will sound like.

Today I had a quick look at it, without buying any of the levels, and here are my first impressions:
What's good
+ the interface is well designed, the app looks good and works well
+ the playback sounds good, at least better than percussionstudio
Not so good
- there does not seem to be a way of entering new rhythms, adding phrases etc.

Basically this is a digital alternative to buying MK's books, probably intended as a complement rather than replacement as none of the books had all the rhtyhtms with sound samples, but the books contain a bit more information in the intro/afterword as well as some visual material. The meaning of each rhythm is described similarly as in the books, in English and Mandarin.

So overall, a nicely done reference library/practice partner, not too expensive, but the lack of editing capabilities is a bit of a disappointment! This app will be of most use to those studying the MK's curriculum.
By Djembe04
Haven't seen the app so far.
Seems a bit like a commercial move in my opinion.
Mamady has a lot of CDs, DVDs and books already, often with the same rhythms.
Basically this is a digital alternative to buying MK's books
Probably interesting for the beginner djembe players, rather then the more experienced ones among us.