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By Michel
This summer he will be teaching on our djembe and dance-weekend in The Netherlands. For more info look at the workshops & lessons section. That's where I bought my copy last time....

Good luck!
By neuroanimal
This is one of the best CDs with African music I have. I highly recommend to somehow get it.

I had luck to buy it directly from Adama after workshop in City Bum Bum school. His full name is Adama "Bilorou" Dembélé, and he came from Bobo Dioulasso, he is from Bobo ethnic group. Every time I take lessons from masters visiting my country (or neighbouring countries) I try to take their CDs/DVDs/books to support them, take an authograph, share musical inspiration with friends during travelling with them by my car, and to contemplate music alone. This CD is suprising. It's better than many CDs from more experienced teachers. Adama is very humble, but although young person, he is great djembéföla, balaföla and multiinstrumentalist.

By neuroanimal
djembefeeling wrote:too bad there is no way to find a place on the web to purchase the album
You can purchase it directly from Adama. He is ready to send it to you by traditional mailbox (by post). Please contact me on priv to get more info.