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By Dugafola
the long anticipated followup to Fakoly 1 is out now!

I got my copy over the weekend it's pretty damn good! very musical with horns, guitar and bala. great vox. his little brothers Mohammed and Bangaly share solo duties and Moussa N'tanga Camara is killing it on the 'ba.

I think drumskull drums should have it in stock for sale right now but their website isn't updated yet.
By davidognomo
Got it today - omfg!

I like it better than the first, musically it's a great piece of work, richer than the first one, I think. I was afraid of the horns, but, for my surprise (I was reluctant about it), I think they are very well put. Fodé is a great "composer", great musical director, great taste, and what I think I appreciate the most in this album is the presence of the dununs in the whole mixage, wich is not great. For me the first album has one of the best sound mixing and quality of sound among this kind of music, where you can get a very rich "image" of the sound range of Fodé's djembé and his hands on it. In this album, the melodic ensemble is not as present, or loud as in the first album and the drums have a more dominant presence, wich is good, because Fodé's concept of the whole percussion ensemble is very powerful, with very strong dununs and great interaction with djembe on impeccably executed breaks and solos. Fodé doesn't let his sound follow the breackneck speed tendency in music of this genre, the album is very balanced in this aspect, agreeable although powerful.

I believe Fodé enjoys the gift of having a great team of musicians with him, with a lot of the Boka Juniors colaborators and that dynamics is also present in the album. Also, as you can grasp through the cd's artwork and design and the discrptions of the tracks on the booklet, it has something like a sensation of mission accomplished from Fodé, honouring his father and his genealogy through the superlative quality in art of his family and of this team he leads, patented on this album.