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Album Release from Lansana Camara, talented Djembefola, Balafon and Kora player from Guinea West Africa
Adouna (Kora Fusion)
This album is a love of life, culture, and diversity , it is Lansana Camara: Where the spirit grows the music flows.
Lansana (Sana) Camara was born in 1977 in Saraya, a small village in Guinea west Africa. Being born into a family of griots (village story tellers) and musicians, Sana started playing music at the age of 10. He began with the balafon (african wooden marimba) he learnt and played this instrument for 20 years and still plays and performs today. Sana's second instrument is the djembe (african drum) wich he started two years later and was taught by various teachers and later joined percussion de guinee junior,(percussion and dance ensemble) and stayed with them for five years. This group were very famous at that time in Guinea and still perform today. While playing with the group, he was offered a position in percussion de Boka, lead by Ibrahima Camara (Boka) regarded as one of Guineas best djembefola's. Sana's third instrument is the kora (22 string african harp) this instrument highlighted in this album and has been with him for over ten years. Owing to the amount of time, discipline and passion that Sana has dedicated to his music, the outcome reflects an extremely confident and high standard of musicianship. In 2005 Sana moved to Australia and now lives there permanently. During this time he has been involved with various musical projects, this includes, Balabajal a three piece traditional African music ensemble, Tribalious an African contemporary percussion ensemble, Tibet to Timbuktu a fusion of Tibetan, African, Indian and Australian music and Adoona a four piece contemporary group high lighting the Kora. He has also been hired to do session work with various projects and artists and runs African drumming workshops and classes.
Adouna is truly a beautiful recording and is available for download through the fabulous guys over at drumskull drums

please check out Adouna at drumskull drums and share the link with any who you think would like to take a journey into the Kora
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