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By percussiexpress
PercussieXpress started a crowdfunding action to get means to produce 80 minutes of traditional djembemusic with Sega Sidibe, Karim Coulibaly, Aminata Traore e.o. recorded in January 2012 in Djicoroni, Bamako.
Please help us and donate! Make your choice and get something in return.
Donate and choose your present in return. ... r-iedereen . Thanks a lot!
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By djembefeeling
Hi Rutger,

I am very interested in the double CD. Is there a deadline for the production or do you plan to let the crowdfunding continue like forever? What tracks will be on the CD? Will there be liner notes with lyrics of the songs? Do you also plan to produce a DVD with the video footage you shot etc.
Could you elaborate a bit?

thanks, jürgen
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By Michel
It's gonna be a great great great CD, I'm sure.... Everybody donate! The deadline to collect the money that's needed is in 51 days. I know the website is in Dutch but you have to understand some of it Jurgen! I can't wait either...

By percussiexpress
Hi Jurgen and Michel,

There is plenty of songs, too much to recite. I worked on the translation of quit some songs though.
There will be woloso, mendiani, numoudon,korédouga, sounou,
soli4/4,kofli, fin sang, sandia and bolon on the Cd's.
Unfortunately the footage is incomplete because of digital problems.....
But you won't regret contributing to the crowdfunding action.
Please support me by forwarding this link to those who are dedicated to djembemusic so the CD can be produced and presentated. I am expecting Séga in March 2013.
Thanks for your interest and support!

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By foxleg
djembefeeling wrote:I finally got this CD -- it's excellent! I can really recommend it. Old school, plenty of lovely songs on it!!!
Did you buy it online somewhere? I've been trying to find it....
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By djembefeeling
Just email Rutger and he might send it directly to you by post. I am hesitating to make his email address public here on the forum, so just pm me and I will give it to you...

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By djembefeeling
Got to promoteit a bit more, because I listened more closely: the CD is like a collection of songs for the rhythms. I think there are at least 3 different songs sung for the same rhythm on this CD, marked by a solo in between all the times. it's great material for teachers!

but there is more to it. I think that the wolosodon is really good on this one. and the beginning of sunu is beautiful, one clearcut djembe acc. with swing that "takes off your shoes" as we say in Germany, i.e. blows your mind. just listen to this snippet:
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By foxleg
There's an email on the bottom of a YouTube clip of the new CD.

I can't post the link due to lack of posting rights or something.

Just search for Sega Sidibe CD and you'll find it.

I've sent them an email asking how I can buy it.

Michi, I'll let you know how I go, I'm in Australia too.
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By Michel
Both Karim Coulibaly and Sega Sidibe play very nice solo's. And what about the positions of their hands? It's very special, they make that very particular sound that you only hear in this type of djembe drumming. Beautiful.
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By Michel
Well, if I would call it the Wassoulou style... I don't know. Sega is from Wassoulou, but Karim isn't. And when you look at the CD you'll find rhythms as sunun, sandia, etc. What I meant was It's definitely Malian, at least the way of producing sounds on the djembe, with a particular hand setting, with always a sort of curved hand. When I try to play a crispy slap like they do, I hurt my fingers on the place of the last joints. But I'm still busy trying.
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By e2c
I think of Sega as playing in a way that comes from Wasulu, though maybe I'm incorrect in making that assumption about *all* of his work - ???

Point taken on Karim. In general, I prefer Mali-style djembe technique to the Guinea styles I've been around, but that's a matter of personal taste, not aesthetic value.