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By Dugafola
these discs deserve their own respective threads...

Artist(s): Bolokada Conde, Mohammed Oulare, Abdoulaye Sylla, Cody Jensen, Mori Bayo Camara, Mohammed Masta Bangoura, Khaly Camara, Teneba Kante, Fanta Kante, Namassa Dioubate

Type: Malinke Village Music from Guinea, West Africa
Style: Djembe and Dunun Ensemble

Play List:
1. Konkoba Dundun
2. Balakulanyan Sankaran
3. Nene
4. Soli Djiraworo
5. Soumbou Ye ye
6. Bolokada Foli
7. Douwa
8. Amaraba
9. Moribayassa Sankaran
10. Moule
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