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I just finished watching this.

This is a phenomenal DVD. The documentary is truly fascinating and extremely well made. There are tons of historical snippets of interest there. A lot about Fadouba's life and the history of the ballets.

Besides the one-hour documentary, you also get a 20-minute interview with Fadouba and Mamady Kouma, an hour-long session with Fadouba drumming in Faranah, a 20-minute session of Fadouba drumming with his sons, 14 minutes worth of Fadouba playing Kawa and Kala with Sekou Conde, a 4-minute flute solo by Mamady Foule, and two short videos (two and four minutes) about cola nuts and Fadouba showing you around his compound.

This is truly awesome. I rank this up there with "Djembefola" in quality and content.

Anyone interested in the history of the djembe and the ballets, run (don't walk) and buy this DVD!

I received my DVD Tuesday, so it took about a week to receive.

Unfortunately I'm having issues displaying the video on my TV. I can hear audio, but the TV displays a message that it cannot display the signal. I'm pretty sure it's an issue with the output of my DVD player, but any tips would be appreciated (it plays CDs and DVDs fine, there's just a problem with this DVD).

I did a bit more investigation last night. My DVD player will play multiple media (CD, SACD, BD, DVDA, etc.) and seems to be playing just fine. The disc is multi-zone, i.e. both PAL and NTSC. I get a pic with a standard DVD, but just audio with the Fadouba DVD. There are several reports of this on line with various TVs (I have a Sony Brevia), but most are related to using a computer to drive the TV display. I manually flipped through output resolutions on the player with no effect.

There are a couple suggestions I found that I'll try. The first is to hard power cycle the player and TV (unplug them), the second is to swap the HDMI cable.

The DVD plays fine on the computer, so I'm pretty sure the issue is the TV input.

Worst case I'll rip it and play it on my iPad.