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this long awaited instructional has finally arrived! fadouba teaches 5 rhythms as played in guinea's faranah region on this high definition dual layer instructional dvd. his sons help lay down the rhythmic parts. fadouba and sons also demonstrate solo phrases for the 5 rhythms. the breakdowns include a stick played on the beat as a human metronome.

also included is nearly 20 minutes of bonus footage of fadouba and sons performing with acrobatic dancers, as well as nearly 10 minutes of older footage with fadouba performing in his prime.

check out those crazy fingertips on fadouba's massive hands! (pictured on the front cover)

rhythms covered: soko, kawa, konkoba, sofa, kala.
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fadouba oulare & family - djembe & dunun instructional dvd - front cover
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michi wrote:
Dugafola wrote:there's a funny story about the kid with the sunglasses...
I don't get the reference. Can you explain?


that boy is not part of the family, rather a neighborhood friend.

there was a fight b/w one of the other brothers right before filming and he ended up getting worked over pretty good.

that photo is not framed well....they should have had him be close to the rest like he belongs, asked him to not be in the pic, or photo chopped him out.
guedom wrote:Hi Dugafola look that you already watch it, can you explain the way of how they teach the djembe phrases?

Are seed to do your own composition or are 'long' phrases already built?

i'm not sure how it was filmed. i've only heard the audio outtakes from the sessions. my guess is that it'll be similar to how phrases were presented on Bolokada's instructional DVD.
i should mention that fadouba plays solo on this disc but is clearly showing signs of his age at this point. mohammed and saio lay it down though! sekouba on sangban also plays all the language too.

the extra footage from 2005 show a stronger fadouba...