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By Dayers
When I choose a lesson, a description of the rhythm comes up but no video link. I’m using an IPad. Any help would Be appreciated
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By the kid
Are you interested in the 'free lessons' on this site. They include the call and accompaniment parts for 4 rhythms Kuku, Tiriba, Abandon and Diansa. It is basic but also pretty clear and easy to learn from.

If so they do work for Windows. The video clips appear under the rhythm description. I tried on ipad and they don't seem to work there so maybe that is your issue.

If you need more advanced and comprehensive instruction then the Tasumakan Djembe material is also available from this site at a low enough cost. That would be a file that you would be sent the download link to if you purchase. There are also djembe instruction dvds available from drumskulls and other online shops. ... essons.php ... odCatID=11