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James, as you can see in the thread belated summer challenge, even the audio files are gone. They were also around 1.3 mb big. that was the least possible reduction before mono. So I'd say 2 mb should be standard for the forum, 1.5 minimum.
I'm sorry for the delay guys, I'm trying to find the time for this, but I'm still struggling with the most important issue, which is the 404 redirects or the dead urls.

We are on a new kind of server, and it's not so easy for me to make the changes needed. So I'm having to struggle though it, and it's a bit painful.

I will ask a friend to help me tomorrow, and if not outsource it....
Hi James,
thanks for your work. I see that my attahments in the belated summer challenge are restored now. I the days they were not working, I deletad the three mp3 files in my first post to try a new upload, which didn't work. So I tried again - still not working :(
I'm copy/pasting the following from a couple of my posts of three weeks ago in the 'Bugs and Requests' topic. Now I see this is where they're more likely to be noticed.

Hey, I think you need to close a <div> on line 400 of Rules and Guidelines. The markup is live.

The sub-dropdown menu (community > djembe forum > dead link) of the Home page ( not index.html) 'community tab' are dead links.