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Hey there folks, I have just put live the new forum upgrade, which brings us up to date and allows us to address some outstanding bugs, and have more options for fighting spam.

As a part of this, I also went about making it a little prettier around here... I hope you all like it, and aren't too shocked :)

Please let me of any bugs found or problems you have.

for the latest posts, you can get this here: have to be logged in to see this hover menu though...

I could probably quite easily make it more visible if you want? Sound like a good idea?
The new organization is a little strange, which makes it more difficult to find new posts. What happened to the old, "in the forum", which provided the more recent posts?
I have added these so that they are always visible now, when you are logged in.

I'm sure I'll adapt to the new scheme, but it's far less pleasant on the eyes and more difficult to read posts. For a number of reasons, the color scheme and text are much more difficult to read than the previous layout and scheme (bad contrasts that are too bright, different font sizes and typefaces that don't facilitate reading, etc.). Many of the avatar images no longer work.

What are some of the advantages (e.g. better for mobile devices, easier to maintain) of this change? IMO it doesn't seem like an improvement on the user interface and usability side.