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so, what happened to the last two days' posts? - Djembefola - Djembe Forum

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davidognomo wrote:well, is it just me, or the posts from 4 pm, 23rd to 7pm, 24th disapeared?
The board has been behaving strangely and inconsistently over the past two days. I noticed this too, as did someone in Germany I was talking to.

Periodically, recent posts go missing. They sometimes show up, sometimes not. As I'm writing this, my post count is 2207. But, a few minutes ago, it was 2210. It's been bouncing between these two for the past two days. I've tried emptying browser cache and and deleting cookies, to no avail. I'm also seeing this with different browsers on different machines, so I'm sure it's not a local issue.

One of the posts affected is one I wrote yesterday, about the Mansa Camio documentary. Sometimes I can see it, other times it's gone, as if it had never been posted.

I suspect the forum database may be sick. James, could you have a look please?


BTW, the URL of one of the disappearing articles is


I copied that from the address bar of another browser that was still displaying that post. However, when I type that URL into the address bar now, I don't get that article. Instead, I get taken to the current (this) thread:

djembefola-com-f30/what-happened-the-la ... t3249.html

It looks like the DB indexes need rebuilding or some such.


bubudi wrote:i hope we're not being hacked (by someone who doesn't want to make it too obvious).
No, that's not a hack. What would be the point of hacking an obscure board in such a way that only articles posted in the previous two days randomly disappear?

Such symptoms are common for corrupted databases, where the indexes have gone out of sync with the actual database contents.

Ooops :doh:

We have just moved to a stronger server and the process consisted of copying files and the database over, then pointing our name at the new server.

Problem is that any posts made after the copy over are now still on the old server.

This is my bad, I some how missed this when I was thinking this through.......sorry.

In hindsight I should have locked the board for a day while doing this.

So things are a bit a mess now, because there's 2 versions of djembefola.com in existance (it's all very quantum). On the other djembefola.com, you go on to be rich and famous, but you'll never know about it now because you're in this universe now ;) Sorry, don't read this paragraph.

I propose we stay with this version of the site and repost missing content, as this is the simplest solution.

The missing posts are still on the old server, so I can email your posts to you if notice something you have posted missing.

I'm sorry I know this isn't ideal and I really don't want you to feel like you're wasting your time reposting things, but I think it's the best option for :(

Please contact me on james at djembefola.com if u see something missing and you don't fancy re-typing.

Thanks for your understanding...

ok, james. We were all wondering about some gost-bug-hacker that was drilling holes through the forum.

As for me, I think I know what I posted and what I would consider re-posting.

I think that a stronger site :flex: should definately change to a stronger server.

thanks for your work
damn, you got me all looking forward to being rich and famous :lol:

as a suggestion, can you print the log of the day affected on the old version of the site? then you can grab the affected threads from the old site and add them to the new site as duplicates, then merge the missing post from the duplicate thread to the new thread. after that you delete the duplicate thread. it might be a tad more work, but will be worth it. if you only ask people to repost their replies, things will be all out of date, and we may lose some replies for good (if people don't feel like re-entering them).
Ok, so all missing posts have been put back into the database.

As I suspected, it's not as simple an just putting things into the db, as a lot things actually happen when a post is made.

I have found at least one example where a post has been inserted into the (now) wrong topic.

This is because posts are associated with a topic, but the posts from the alternate universe have topic numbers that have since been used by other new shiny topics, so some of them may be lost, confused and in need of some moderator love.

If you spot a dazed and confused post who is in a topic that he/she shouldn't be, please link to it here and a mod, can split that post into a new topic or an existing topic, if there is one.

Thanks for your patience and understanding....

Bed time yay ! ;)
Hmmm... Looks like we have a more serious problem now. Check out this article:

The second image should show the drum from the outside. But, instead, it shows a photo that I attached to one the three articles of mine that went missing. James, it appears that the repair effort wasn't entirely successful...


I can't see any of the three articles of mine that went missing. Could you post the IP of the old server? That way, it would be easy to look up the articles and repost them.
Hi Michi, that's not so simple, as the old site requires "djembefola.com" in order to operate correctly.

I hope to sort out any remaining problems later today.
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