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By johnsutton

Can anyone sort me out with this, please? Am I not doing what I should, or is there a bug affecting the listing of events and classes, or.....?

Through the Community tag on the Home page I've been trying to put onto the Events listing the details of some djembe workshops in Norwich, but when I finally click the ADD button only the "name" of the event and my phone number actually make it to the listing. Looks like the same thing might have happened when other people tried to post stuff there, too - at least, some other listings show the same lack of detail, and have been duplicated probably through extra attempts to make it all happen as intended.


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By James
Hi John, There was a problem with the events listing. I'm not entirely sure that it's the same problem that you are talking about, as I suspect that this stems from the events section not being intuitive enough.

To help on this, I have created a short video explaining how to add a new event.

Thanks for patience during frustration, and taking the time to report an issue, you make my job easier as a result.